Terms and Conditions
Summary of the main points in this document applicable to all students:
  • We have a no-refund policy; once registered on a course no refund will be offered;
  • There is a no subject/level change policy. This means there is no automatic right to a change in subject or level. This will depend on availability and any decision in relation to this will remain at the discretion of Management;
  • There is no automatic right to a change in subject timeslot or a change in student (from the one registered on the course);
  • No deferrals. Once registered to a course in a particular term this course must be completed within that term and cannot be deferred to a later term, regardless of a change in one’s circumstances.
  1. Whilst Tayyibun Staff will be happy to assess, suggest and advise on what course a student should enrol onto, the student remains ultimately responsible for their choice of subject/level/timing;
    The student may not select more than one level in Arabic Language or Tajweed Ul Qur’an in the same term without having successfully completed a previous level or its equivalent or sought advice from our Staff;
  2. All students should make clear at point of registration if they have any allergies, learning difficulties or medical conditions, or any other condition/disposition that we should be aware of or pay attention to in ensuring the environment is a safe and happy one for the student, and to ensure we can properly meet all our students’ needs;
    Tayyibun reserves the right to cancel a student’s registration where a failure to disclose important information means we cannot adequately support the student and, where this happens, no refund will be due;
  3. Students must ensure that the Institute is given correct details and at least one emergency contact name and number when completing their registration and keep the Office informed of any updates to their details. For students who do not provide us with correct contact details, we cannot be held responsible for any miscommunication in passing on important information such as your qualification or certificate, or for being unable to inform you of changes to class timings or class cancellations;
    Registering means students agree to the Adults academic calendar and are satisfied with any holiday dates therein;
  4. Tayyibun reserves the right to make alterations to courses/curricula/course materials and Teachers without prior notice;
  5. Tayyibun reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice to take account of new legislation, Government regulations or recommendations or for any other reason, and will make such variations available to students.

  1. Students should attempt to attend every lesson and inform the Office when they are unable to do so or when they are running late;
  2. Students will not be permitted to change their course or timeslot once registered and no refund will be offered in relation to this.
Payment/Refund Policy
  1. Tayyibun operates a no refund policy.  Once you register you are committed to the full duration of the course and you agree to pay the full fees, regardless of any change in your personal circumstances, even if you attend no classes or fail to ‘settle in’;
  2. Students agree that they are financially able to commit to enrolling onto a course and can fulfil fees obligations;
  3. No refund will be due where a lesson is postponed due to reasons beyond its control; any missed lesson will be made up;
  4. A refund will be offered where a course is cancelled before it has started;
  5. Any permitted termination will be subject to a minimum 50% course fee.
  1. Replacement course materials for lost or damaged books will be charged at between £5-£15, depending on the type of book needing replacement;
  1. Books written/produced by Tayyibun may not be reproduced without permission from the Institute;
  2. Whilst every effort will be made to ensure lost property is returned to its rightful owner, students remain responsible for their own property whilst at our premisesand we cannot be held liable for lost or stolen property or for storing lost property;
  3. Should you wish to make a suggestion or register a complaint, please call us on 020 7702 7254, email info@tayyibun.com or speak to a member of staff at our Office;
  4. Students will receive text message or telephone call or email updates related to the Institute that will be sent from Tayyibun and accept these as valid forms of Institute-student communication. Students agree to read such text message or email updates sent from Tayyibun in order to remain informed about the Institute/their courses;
  5. Individual opinions held by teachers, speakers or members of staff do not represent that of the organisation, and Tayyibun does not accept any liability for any breach of law in this respect;
  6. Students agree not to contact or attempt to ‘hire’ Tayyibun staff for reasons related to private tuition, leading of taraweeh salah, etc., without first obtaining permission from Management, or to sharing or accepting personal contact details with/from any staff member;
  7. Tayyibun operates a no recording policy and this means that no recording of any kind, audio or visual, of any part of the lesson or teacher is permitted at any time;
  8. All students are expected to wear clothing that is modest, loose and covers the whole body and should avoid wearing garments or accessories which contradict the spirit of modesty within an Islamic learning environment.
Special Offers
  1. A special offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer;
  2. Special offers may be subject to time or other restrictions and these restrictions will be strictly adhered to;
  1. Certificates are awarded based on student achievement and do not amount to authorisations to teach or a recognition that a student is able to teach the subject they have completed a course in;
  2. Studentsmay collect their certificates in person or may be able to arrange postage for a fee of £2-£5;
  3. Students will only receive a completion certificate for an Islamic Studies course if they have attended at least two thirds of all
Online Lessons
  1. Students agree to reading the terms and conditions of any online platform we use and to our use of any such platform;
  2. Only students registered for a class should participate in lesson. No other person should have access to or should participate therein;
  3. Students agree not to share any class login details to any of the online classes, or to authorising use of your accounts by another person, or to impersonating another user/person or use their username details. Any links or online login data are exclusively for those enrolled at Tayyibun and we reserve the right to terminate a student’s registration for a breach of this term;
  4. Students should login with their first name and surname so Teachers can easily identify their class members;
  5. Students agree to follow Islamic guidelines in ensuring that male family members do not ‘enter’ or ‘participate’ in the lessons being taught by female teachers. This rule must be strictly followed;
  6. Students registering for a course do so on the basis that they will comfortably be able to operate our online platform of choice, such as Firefly/Zoom, etc., and will not be unduly restricted by space, lighting, noise, Wi-Fi connectivity, bandwidth or number and age and quality of their devices, etc;
  7. Students agree not to promote or advertise any products or services through Zoom, or to use the service to generate or send unsolicited communications, messages, advertising, etc.;
  8. No recording of any kind is permitted (audio or video) of any part of the lessons or the teachers or any learning material posted onto Zoom during lesson. This means no external devices for recording are permitted and no screenshots should be taken.  Tayyibun has a no recording policy;
  9. Students agree not to ask the Teacher for their personal details, such as email address/phone number/social media details, etc., and not to share their own personal details, without first obtaining Management permission to do so;
  10. Students must generally keep their video function on throughout their lessons and may be removed from class if they do not do so.
  1. The information you provide us will be held by Tayyibun in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Your information is being collected with your consent in order to make provision for your learning. Tayyibun will not share your information. Information about you will be held for seven years after your most recent course registration;
  2. By signing up to a course you agree to receiving updates and information on future courses. Should you wish not to receive these, please inform us through info@tayyibun.com;
  3. Should you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact the Office on 020 7702 7254 or email info@tayyibun.com. You may view our Privacy Policy at Tayyibun.com.